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Be more proactively in control of your radiation safety through the latest OSL Technology.


Nagase Philippines Corporation is the exclusive supplier of Landauer’s OSL Technology in the Philippines. In partnership with Nagase Landauer Ltd., our company launched its very own radiation monitoring service, particularly Personnel Radiation Dose Monitoring. Our dosimetry laboratory ensures to provide expert dosimetry services to the market by complying with the applicable standards:

  • PNS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Laboratory Management System Accreditation by Philippine Accreditation Bureau (PAB)
  • JIS Z 4339:2004 Japanese Industrial Standards


Nagase Philippines Corporation Dosimetry Laboratory will be the key partner in ensuring safe and optimal radiation use across the country


We commit to consistently provide accurate radiation dose report speedily, and work with industry stakeholders in continuously educating the market on the latest trends related to dosimetry technology.

InLight OSL Dosimeter

The InLight dosimeters provide x, gamma and beta radiation monitoring with optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology. It is engineered to be read out by an Inlight reader. The OSL dosimeter is ideal for personnel, area/environmental, emergency response monitoring, clinical dose measurements or any radiation assessment application.

InLight Nanodot

The InLight nanodot dosimeters are designed for use in single point radiation assessment applications and are engineered to be read out by the Inlight Microstar. The nanodot offers complete reanalysis, requires no dosimeter preparation in the clinic, and has a labeled sensitivity that is built into the dosimeter 2D bar code for rapid, accurate reading.

Inlight Readers

These two Inlight readers use aluminum oxide (Al 2 O 3 ) detectors to measure radiation exposure and reads the measurement with optically stimulated luminiscence (OSL) technology. Inlight readers can quickly and efficiently read inlight whole body, nanodot or environmental dosimeters for personnel, area environmental, and emergency response monitoring.

Dosimetry Laboratory Service

The benefits of radiation is widely used in various fields such as Medical, Research and Industry. However, as much as it can be beneficial, it may pose harmful effects as well especially to those people who are exposed on a daily basis and are closely utilizing equipment or machine which makes use of radiation.

To provide safety and assurance to these people, NPH Dosimetry Laboratory provides radiation dose monitoring service using the latest OSL Technology which is being used globally by over a hundred countries. Our laboratory uses the QuIxel Badge, a newly developed dosimeter which has set the global standard in dosimetry service.

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  • How long is the working days for the issuance of dose reports?
    • 10 - 15 working days upon receipt of the used dosimeters
  • How about with the shipment of OSL badges?
    • The dosimeters will be shipped to your facility within 5 working days before the monitoring period starts. Payment must be settled first before the delivery of the badges.
  • What is OSL?
    • Optically Stimulated Luminescence. The OSL Technology developed by Laundauer, Inc. is the latest technology used for radiation measurement. The Aluminum Oxide (Al 2 O 3 ) is the detector material used to measure the amount of radiation exposure received by the OSL dosimeter. From the name itself, this detector is stimulated by a light source which will result to illumination. The amount of light emitted will determine the amount of radiation dose received by the dosimeter.
  • What is the difference between TLD and OSL Dosimeters?
    • TLD or Thermoluminescent Dosimetry is an old technology used for radiation measurement which uses heat when stimulating the detector material to measure the amount of radiation exposure. In terms of advantages of OSL from TLD: it is insensitive to environmental effects, capable of longer wear period, non-destructive readout and archiving is possible.
  • What is your process for dose monitoring service subscription?
    • Customer Information Sheet (for the new customer only), Personnel Dose Monitoring form and Purchase Order (PO) must be submitted to us for application and processing. After the payment has been settled, the preparation of the badges will start and you will receive them before your monitoring start date.