Wastewater Treatment

Bringing over 180 years of Japanese quality and global network of experts, Nagase product lines ensure customers’ continuous system compliance with established operational efficiencies and environmental requirements.

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The “New Definition” of diffuser

Aquablaster technology

Often Neglected Important Knowledge:

It is not only the type of Microorganism that is important in waste water treatment but also their METABOLISM.

  • 1 Inhaling sludge and water from bottom and giving strong impact
    Aquablaster mechanism 1
  • 2 Creation of microbubbles by specific blades
    Aquablaster mechanism 2
  • 3 Crushing sludge helps microorganism to metabolize efficiently
    Aquablaster mechanism 3
  • AQUABLASTER can contribute to reduction of running cost

    • Creation of microbubbles increases dissolved oxygen inside tank
    • Increase of D.O helps microbial metabolize (Aerobic fermentation) efficiently
    • Crushing sludge helps microbial activity
    • Pressure loss equals to zero
    Expected Output
    • Improvement of treatment capacity
    • Contribution to reduction of electricity consumption
    • Contribution to reduction of odor such as H2S
    • Contribution to reduction of sludge discharging costs
    • NO need for maintenance cost
    • Contribution to reduction of BOD, SS, and oil
    • Contribution to reduction of chemicals

    AQUABLASTER has already been installed to many fields like chemical plants, food processing, automaker (Toyota, Daihatsu, Oji, Yamaha), Hotel Okura, Hayashibara, Ueno, and Tokuyama etc.

    Sample installation 1
    Sample installation 2