Wastewater Treatment

Bringing over 180 years of Japanese quality and global network of experts, Nagase product lines ensure customers’ continuous system compliance with established operational efficiencies and environmental requirements.


Following grades are silicone based distinctive products:
  • 1
    High conc. Type

    You should prepare to dissolve at site

    FS antifoam1266 Active ingredients 100%, ×50 dilution

  • 2
    Ready To Use Type

    It contains water

    95 Antifoam emulsion (Active ingredients 15%),
    FSアンチフォーム93 (Active ingredients 30%) ※FS antifoam1266 dilution type

  • 3
    Food grades, FDA, Kosher, & Halal grades

    AFE1530 Antifoam emulsion
    SM5571 Emulsion