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Product: POCone, UBIT Tablet, Breath bag
Purpose: Confirmation test for eradication of H.pylori

  • Safety and Security (Pharmaceutical Grade of Tablet)
  • Rapit test, Non invasive testing
  • Sensitivity: 97.7%, Specificity: 98.4%, Accuracy: 98.0%
  • Market Leader in Japan (95% market share)

"Point of Care" Testing is Now Possible For Patient Convenience and Improved Efficiency. Non-invasive Diagnostic Test for Helicopter pylori Brining C Urea Breath Test of the Front Line of Medical Care!

Speedy Diagnosis

  • Results can be obtained in 2 minutes
  • Appropriate treatment can be provided to patients more promptly

Easy to use

  • Measurement by one-touch operation
  • Patients benefits from non-invasive procedure

High Performance

  • Measurement accuracy comparable to gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (GC-MS)

Compact design

  • Small and light-weight portable unit
  • Space-saving notebook-size footprint

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