NanoDot Dosimeters


Product nanodot dosimeters
InLight® nanoDot™ dosimeters are designed for use in single point radiation assessment applications, and are engineered to be read out by the smallest InLight® reader available—the microStar®. The nanoDot™ offers complete reanalysis, requires no dosimeter preparation in the clinic, and has a labeled sensitivity that is built into the dosimeter 2D bar code for rapid, accurate reading.

Features and Benefits:
  • Wide operating energy range (5 keV–20 MeV) makes nanoDots an ideal solution in multiple settings, including diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, interventional procedures, radiation oncology or any single point radiation measurement requirement
    • Complete reanalysis capabilities
    • Non-destructive readout allows for reanalysis and electronic data archiving, dose verification and intermittent analysis for total dose accumulation
    • No post-measurement correction factors required
    • 2D bar code contains dosimeter sensitivity and serial number for chain of custody
  • Dosimeter preparation eliminated with single-use dosimeters
    • No heating parameters to maintain
    • No nitrogen gas required
  • Minimal angular or energy dependence
    • Ideal for measuring skin dose at a point of interest, even in challenging clinical conditions
    • Curved surface dose (eye, breast)
    • Can be used for in- and out-of-field measurements, including pacemaker and eye dose
    • Ideal for surface dose and electron measurements
    • Ideal for use in RapidArc® or TomoTherapy®, total electron skin treatments, HDR, Brachytherapy or other complex applications
  • Dosimeter can be placed anywhere on the body, is wireless, and radiolucent
  • Dosimeter can be used without buildup to make surface dose measurements or, in radiation oncology, with buildup to make measurements at various depths

Technical Specifications:
  • Dose operating range: For general applications, useful dose range 10 μGy to >100 Gy; for medical dosimetry applications, linear response with dose up to 300 rad (cGy), software supported non-linear calibration up to 1500 rad (cGy)
  • Lower Limit of Detection (LLD): 0.1 mGy
  • Useful Energy Range: From 5 keV to 20 MeV
  • Energy Dependence: Accurate within ±10% over diagnostic energy range 70-140 kVp; within ±5% for photons and electrons from 5 MeV–20 MeV
  • Accuracy (total uncertainty - single measurement): +/- 10% with standard nanoDot; +/- 5% with screened nanoDot
  • Precision: +/- 5%, k=2 for both standard and screened nanoDot

  • Product nanodot dosimeters