Dosimeter Annealing—Model 50A


Product dosimeterannealing—model 50a
The Model 50A automatic annealer employs four (4) high intensity LEDs tuned to the appropriate wavelength to completely clear the dose information. It uses standard reader magazines, allowing it to work seamlessly with the rest of your lab operations workflow, while the automatic “set and forget” operation minimizes labor time.

Features and benefits:
  • Appropriate for medium-sized laboratories (10,000–100,000 participants; some automation)
  • Simple, automatic operation and process—you decide when to clear the dose data
  • The high-intensity LEDs provide rapid, complete annealing
  • The variable annealing time handles a wide range of doses
  • Standard reader magazines simplify handling and integrate seamlessly with your lab operation
Technical specifications:
  • Operation: Automatic processing of all dosimeters in the magazine
  • Overall size: 18.5"x15"x11.5"
  • Weight: 45 lb
  • Power requirements: 100–230 VAC automatic switching
  • Dosimeter capacity: 50 dosimeters per standard magazine at one time
  • Annealing time: Fully selectable, from 1–9,999 seconds per dosimeter
  • Annealing performance: 2,500 mRad to <10 mRad in 30 seconds for one dosimeter (anneal a full magazine in ~25 minutes at this example dose)
  • Certifications/marks: CE and TUV available
  • Recommended max dose removed: 100 Rad
  • Recommended max annealing cycles: Unlimited

Product dosimeterannealing—model 50a