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Product: B-
Purpose: Confirmation test for eradication of H.pylori

  • Safety and Security (Pharmaceutical Grade of Tablet)
  • Rapit test, Non invasive testing
  • Sensitivity: 97.7%, Specificity: 98.4%, Accuracy: 98.0%
  • Market Leader in Japan (95% market share)

Biochips based on semiconductor and manufacturing expertise

ROHM biochips utilize a combination al microlluidics, microfabrication, design, and optical technologies. Mlorochannels allow chemical reactions to occur in an extremely small space via reagents. Next, sensing technology enables accurate detection of target biomarkers using a trace amount of blood. Biochips such as these are expected to play a major role in health care and medical testing in the future.

B-analyst realizes rapid and high accuracy measurement with only a drop of blood by utilizing pTAS and liquid reagents.

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